Buddha - Spiritual-Awak3ning
Buddha - Spiritual-Awak3ning
Buddha - Spiritual-Awak3ning
Buddha - Spiritual-Awak3ning



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The Buddha Bracelet

The Buddha bead bracelet focuses on increasing a person's inner energy and healing all the possible diseases.

Tiger’s eye stone is a powerful talisman which helps people make the right decision. The tiger’s eye stone is able to make people more confident, determined and strong; bringing owner luck and prosperity, as well as helps heal the Chakra's.

Citrine makes its owner happier and awakes love for life. It also attracts wealth, prosperity, fortune, brings joy and love into its owner’s life, as well as inspires and helps always reach the desired goal. This gemstone is known for making its owner more confident.

Rock crystal is one of the most powerful energy boosters and healing stones; promoting long life and health. Rock crystal is known for its healing properties; it helps working with Sahasrara chakra which is responsible for inner and outer beauty and renewal. 

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